Hello Beautiful, I’m Magen, the creator of Simply Magen. I’m a thirty-two-year-old Southern Belle living in Memphis, TN. I’m a wife to Parker and a Mom to three children. By trade, I’m a Medical Aesthetician and Makeup-Artist.  I adore all things beauty and skin. It has been my passion for the last thirteen years to teach others how to care for their skin.

“I want you to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in”

Now lets talk shop because I LOVE to shop! I’m that annoying friend or relative that drags you around all day from the malls to the furniture store. That’s right, I could shop for just about anything, but mostly clothes. I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I realized at an early age that I had a knack for putting outfits together. I also discovered a lot of women hated shopping. They had a harder time finding things that were flattering. So I decided to put my two passions together and become an Image Consultant. I wanted to be able to help people put a look together from head to toe. This means helping you choose a hairstyle, makeup, clothes, the whole nine yards. This could be for everyday looks or just for an event. I offer my services but I will also show you here on the blog where and how you can accomplish this on your own.

”I’ve decided to make it my mission to help others feel confident”

That is how my blog came about. I wanted to share my years of knowledge with others. A fun place to discover and learn. From an Aestheticians trade secrets to deals and trends in fashion. I’m also a stay at home Mom, and with three children that constantly grow out of their wardrobe and me being the fashionista I am, it was important I learn to live on a budget. So I’ve become really good at finding a deal. I can’t wait to let you in on all of my shopping secrets and finds.

This blog will always be a positive outlet for uplifting posts. I’m a firm believer that beauty, grace, and strength is shown by women who encourage and root for each other. I want a place where women can come to feel inspired and maybe learn a thing or two, to make this crazy world just a bit simpler, not to mention Fabulous!


Ten Facts About Me:

1. My husband and I have are a blended family. A His/Hers/Ours… Parker has a daughter, Quinlan whos fifteen. Then I have a daughter, Hope who is ten and together we have Liam whos two.

2. I could live off of Mexican & Seafood.

3. Coffee is LIFE and I drink it all day.

4. I love to Travel and Explore, so there will be more posts to come in the Travel area.

5. I love chocolate and I have a huge SWEET tooth.

6. I was born and raised in Mississippi but I’ve lived all over.

7. My husband is a Police Officer and we have Military in our family as well, so I greatly appreciate and respect these individuals.

8. I grew up with Horses and a lot of animals so I’m an advocate for animal rights and they have such a special place in my heart.

9. I love being outdoors and you can often find me working in my yard, at the park or pool.

10. I’m pretty crafty and love a good DIY. My favorite is when my husband and I do a home project together.


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Disclaimer- Simply Magen is a part of affiliate advertising programs. That means that if you make a purchase through a link on this site or any of my other personal social media accounts, I may make a small commission from that click/purchase. Occasionally, you may notice “sponsored” or “gifted” posts on Simply Magen. All gifted items received align with my personal style and are never something I would not buy myself. I will never promote an item that I have not personally used or love. Sponsored posts allow me to continue and grow Simply Magen, so thank you for supporting my blog. All opinions are my own. Simply Magen is written and edited by me, Magen.


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